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Photo Booth Hire Print Outs

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Finding a photo booth hire is easy. A quick post on Facebook and the customer will be quickly inundated with companies sharing their Facebook pages. All amongst friends giving their recommendations based on previous experiences. But finding a GREAT photo booth hire may not be as easy.

One of the many reasons customers decide to hire a photo booth is for the photos during and after the event has finished. The photos are a gateway to the memories of the evening and are looked at/laughed at and cherished for days, months and even in some cases, years to come.

Which is why Events on Fleek take a strong approach to exceeding customers expectations when it comes to these photos and print outs.


Events on Fleek take the print outs very seriously. From the first initial enquiry we are already thinking about how the print layouts will look for this customer. We find out the nature of the event, who its for, age, interests, colour schemes, themes, personalised messages they may want on the printouts.

Events on Fleek take this information and use it to design completely bespoke layouts using Photoshop. We make sure that our designs can match the customer and their requirements seamlessly. Giving the customer something with their personal touch that looks professional and stylish.



Events on Fleek also take very seriously the equipment used to capture the memories and photos from the booth. No two camera’s are created equal, and with so many on the market it can be a tough choice for the company without photographic experience to know what to use and how to use it. Certain features that work well for some photography do not work well for the photo booth.

Events on Fleek invest heavily into its hardware and equipment used by the booths. Each of Events on Fleek’s booths are equipped with Canon DSLR 70D cameras. These camera’s give us the best usage between still photography and HD video capture, the camera is quickly able to focus on objects in the booth without too much lens movement. Ideal for when guests are changing props quickly in the booth. The HD video capture on this camera far surpasses its predecessors. This means you get great quality images and videos every time.

Our investment into hardware doesn’t stop there. Canon supply a standard 18-55mm Kit lens with the camera, as a sort of one size fits all approach. This is a great lens for the starter photographer but when picture quality is everything we had to address the lens and find something more suited to a photo booth hire.

Events on Fleek Photo Booth Hire use a Canon EF-S 24mm Lens. This is a fixed zoom lens and provides the customers with razor sharp images packed with detail. In the example below our camera is able to pick up the fine detail in the mans shirt and suit jacket clearly without any effort.


Events on Fleek pride themselves on being able to offer this high end service to all their customers as standard. If you would like to find out more on what we can do then do get in touch.

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